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Take Up and Read: Laying Down the Phone and Picking Up the Bible

Like many people my age, I struggle with an impulsive need to look at my smart phone. I found myself looking at mostly banal things, and I began to suspect the constant looking at silly vacuity on a screen was eating away … Continue reading

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Better Living Through Headbanging: The Grammys, Metallica, and Why Mass Appeal Isn’t the Point

I never watch the Grammy Awards, mostly because they do not feature much music that I like. This last Sunday’s award show promised a rare exception: a seemingly odd pairing of Metallica and Lady Gaga. Metallica was the first metal … Continue reading

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Aquaman and the Undivided Life

Among comic book characters, Aquaman has the dubious distinction of being both one of a handful of comic book characters the average non-comics reader can name without a Google search as well as being, throughout his history, a character whose … Continue reading

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Here Comes . . . The Man Without Fear!

Anyone who has known me for more than 5 minutes knows I’m a giant nerd. There is all sorts of evidence to support this – my giant Millennium Falcon, my Optimus Prime action figure. Some of the most damning evidence … Continue reading

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That Last Gleaming Light

As someone on the older end of the Millenial generation, I have taken to the Internet culture fairly well, although not as well as some. Certainly more, of course, than my wife, whose more utilitarian approach to the internet typically … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Relevant Christian

I grew up the kind of Pentecostal that disallowed its members to attend movies and listen to secular music. Outside of Southern Gospel music, we listened only to Country. I do not wish to use this space to whine about … Continue reading

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Blue Like Jazz Review

I had the privilege of attending a special preview of the new movie adaptation of Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz, directed by Steve Taylor. I read the book, just like possibly everyone else, while in college. This book preceded my … Continue reading

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