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Here Comes . . . The Man Without Fear!

Anyone who has known me for more than 5 minutes knows I’m a giant nerd. There is all sorts of evidence to support this – my giant Millennium Falcon, my Optimus Prime action figure. Some of the most damning evidence … Continue reading

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Vacuum Cleaner Jesus

As a minister and especially as a future church planter, I have read many books and articles on evangelism. Out of much of the more traditional Evangelical material, the underlying pattern for personal evangelism remains pretty much standard. The steps … Continue reading

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That Last Gleaming Light

As someone on the older end of the Millenial generation, I have taken to the Internet culture fairly well, although not as well as some. Certainly more, of course, than my wife, whose more utilitarian approach to the internet typically … Continue reading

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Dancing with the Devil in God’s Opera

As many of you know, I have recently moved back to South Carolina to plant a church. This requires much work on the front end, long before we hold our first worship meeting. I plan to spend time on this … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Relevant Christian

I grew up the kind of Pentecostal that disallowed its members to attend movies and listen to secular music. Outside of Southern Gospel music, we listened only to Country. I do not wish to use this space to whine about … Continue reading

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Blue Like Jazz Review

I had the privilege of attending a special preview of the new movie adaptation of Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz, directed by Steve Taylor. I read the book, just like possibly everyone else, while in college. This book preceded my … Continue reading

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Traditioned Pentecostalism and Pentecostal Tradition

Not long ago, I heard an interview on NPR featuring Rosanne Cash. The interviewer asked Cash how she handled emerging from beneath her famous father’s shadow. Cash replied that her father Johnny Cash had approved of how she initially distanced … Continue reading

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