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God in Three Persons

  Text: Genesis 1:1-2:4   Trinity Sunday is the one Sunday a year where preachers have the opportunity to instruct their congregations on the doctrine of the Trinity, that teaching of the church which tells us that God is somehow … Continue reading

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The Pentecostals

Acts 2:1-21 One hundred and eleven years ago, in Los Angeles, California, in an abandoned AME church in downtown, the one-eyed son of former slaves led a revival that would ignite the whole world. The people involved believed they were … Continue reading

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Take Up and Read: Laying Down the Phone and Picking Up the Bible

Like many people my age, I struggle with an impulsive need to look at my smart phone. I found myself looking at mostly banal things, and I began to suspect the constant looking at silly vacuity on a screen was eating away … Continue reading

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Better Living Through Headbanging: The Grammys, Metallica, and Why Mass Appeal Isn’t the Point

I never watch the Grammy Awards, mostly because they do not feature much music that I like. This last Sunday’s award show promised a rare exception: a seemingly odd pairing of Metallica and Lady Gaga. Metallica was the first metal … Continue reading

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The Case of the Introverted Pentecostal

I spent many of my formative years in an assortment of Pentecostal churches across the state of Mississippi. They were the old-school, holiness variety, where matriarchs with tall buns would experience sudden shocks of emotion, standing, shouting, running all over … Continue reading

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Your Daughters Will Prophesy

I was a teenager when I preached my first sermon. The church was a small Pentecostal congregation in Mississippi, the pulpit was my father’s, and the text was Acts 2. It wasn’t a bad sermon; it barely had any time … Continue reading

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Aquaman and the Undivided Life

Among comic book characters, Aquaman has the dubious distinction of being both one of a handful of comic book characters the average non-comics reader can name without a Google search as well as being, throughout his history, a character whose … Continue reading

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Favorite Things of 2015

As 2015 ends and 2016 begins, I thought it would be fun to do a year-end list, a staple of blogging that I have never attempted before. Here are a few of the things I enjoyed in 2015: Best Film: Mad … Continue reading

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Minimalism as Spiritual Practice

“Regarding as nothing the things that most people value and rising above them, we live as in paradise, or rather as in heaven, set free from all constraints through our untroubled devotion to God.” – The Philokalia It is trendy … Continue reading

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Use as Directed: Some Thoughts on Communion

I haven’t always held a very high view of the Eucharist. The Lord’s Supper was, for me, a symbol, as it is for many other Evangelicals and Pentecostals. I never seriously considered any different understanding of it. Despite the mighty shifts … Continue reading

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